Life by Design receives computers

The third and final part of the computer project took place this morning when Aurora donated five computers to Life by Design. Life by Design is a Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Freetown. Their work is mainly twofold. First, to support young entrepreneurs taking their first steps in setting up their own companies. The Centre supports them for 3-6 months in developing their business plan, and offers guidance on how to structure their companies and research their respective field. The second aspect is to support young people in their career development, e.g. prepare them for applying for jobs and how to write CVs. The computers will enable Life by Design to allow young people to do their work and research in-house with the direct support of the Centre’s personnel.

Life By Design 2


A second IT project rolled out

Aurora Foundation rolled out its second ICT project this week, after a successful pilot project earlier in the year. The project, an ICT course, was done in cooperation with Idt Labs and SAMSKIP as before but now also with Arion Bank, one of the largest Banks in Iceland. Sixty nine students attended this one week long course. Aurora is extremely proud and happy to have been able to provide this second free training course with its partners and the demand for space was overwhelming – over 400 students, entrepreneurs and other young people applied for the 69 spaces available.

The participants completed the week long course with a presentation showcasing their newly acquired skills. We were pleasantly surprised about the quality of their presentations and happy to hand out certificates to each and every participant.

Due to the generosity of our partners Arion Bank and Samskip, each participant was allowed to take home a computer in order to continue improving their IT skills. There was a lot of cheering when we announced this amazing surprise!

Once again, thank you partners, Arion Bank, Samskip and Idt labs for an inspiring and amazing project that really has made a mark on the lives of so many people.


University of Sierra Leone receives IT equipments from Iceland

There was a joyful moment when Aurora, in collaboration with Arion Bank and Samskip, donated 10 Computers, 5 large Screens and various other IT equipment to the University of  Sierra Leone. The donation marked the start of Aurora´s new Computer Project, but the second Free Computer Training Project this year is starting soon. This project is a collaboration between Aurora and Idt Labs in Sierra Leone and Arion Bank and Samskip in Iceland. Arion Bank has donated substantial amount of computers and other IT equipment, and Samskip continued their support from earlier in the year and donated computer and various IT equipment again this time as well as providing Aurora with free shipment of the goods from Reyjavik to Freetown.</br>Part of the project this time was to donate computers and other important IT equipment to the University of Sierra Leone.  Dr. Fatmatta B. Taqi a Director of Academic and Career Advisory & Counseling Services and Miss Antoinette Turay a senior admin assistant received the equipment on behalf of the University and expressed the gratitude of the University IT department, but IT equipment in the University three faculties are really scarce. The University of Sierra Leone is the oldest University in West Africa, established in 1827, and will soon celebrate its 190th birthday.

University of SL

Aurora supported a free ICT training course in Freetown and the 85 participants received computers as a reward in the end

Aurora foundation in partnership with SAMSKIP and Idt labs conducted a free ICT training course in March for 85 people in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The target group was young people at the age of 18-35. The 85 successful applicants participated in a five day course where they got training in the use of the internet and the main Microsoft applications such as Excel and Word. At the end of the course all applicants received a Certificate and a surprise gift from SAMSKIP but all participants received a free computer. All the participants were very grateful for this opportunity and extremely pleased with the donation in the end. Some so this as a great opportunity to improve their IT skills whilst others where having their first introduction to the IT world.

This project was a pilot project by the Aurora Foundation, a pilot that really exceated our expectations. It is therefore our hope that we will be able to get other companies involved and interested in donating computers so we can replicate this project, as we have many more young people eager to participate.